The Revolutionization of Hip-hop by Drake

The release of Drake’s “So Far Gone” mixtape in 2009 signified the advent of a unique path: singing as rapping, singing, and rapping both were intertwined together into a single holistic entity. Drake disintegrated the perception that those two facets had to be furnished by two different people and also deconstructed what was envisaged by these components. He paved the way for the creation of a global pop norm – effortless hip-hop free from the conventional assertiveness. Drake recast the standards of being a rapper in the 2010s. With his seminal album “Thank Me Later,” he became the famous personage in his arena.

The Genre Started Traversing into a New Realm

The ability of Drake to transcend rapping and singing into a graceful dialogue depicted his prowess. At the same time, some have perceived this harmonious blend and relegates it as tenderness. This softness is often looked down upon because it does not fit the aggressive masculinity. However, Drake has created his path, and in this process, has succoured the refashioning of hip-hop. He has also been crucial in developing increased conversations between burgeoning hip-hop music worldwide – Nigeria, England, and the Caribbean. The centrality of his art was founded in virality. He has etched an indelible mark in the hip-hop genre.


The Reformed Glance at Women

This revolutionary glance was made possible by Drake by redefining the ethos masculinity through his lyrics about women, heartbreak, and love. Historically rap has served the narratives of masculinity by the rappers themselves being violent and aggressive in their songs. This is the reason why it is often relegated to the position of a soft rapper. For instance, from his third mixtape, So Far Gone, his song Best I Ever Had he raps about his love for his girlfriend and admiring her for the natural beauty that she is. His songs do not relegate the traits of a woman to the size of their asses but instead perceives them with unique character traits. The description of women as independent and the praises he offers them for being strong, educated, and accomplished – it is an eye-opener to the industry that women are beyond their physique, and it is their inherent qualities that shape them. This critical eye facilitated by Drake is noteworthy. This was depicted through his single Proud of You featuring Nicki Minaj. The attribution of characters is what makes Drake unique. The women can be observed to be real, and he does not objectify them. In comparison, many other rappers reduce women to commodities and are viewed as a gorgeous stripper, a prostitute, or a gold digger. The preconceived notion that rap has to be egoistic was crushed.


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